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  • Determining the Needs of Our Clients – Coast Along for Water Aid Priorities

    When you hear a name like, “Coast Along for Water Aid” it brings to mind the altruistic goals of people working to serve the needs of others. For example, you might think of a drought here at home or overseas. Or, the image of children needing access to fresh drinking water may come to mind. Basic human needs.

    I honestly wish I had all the answers. I wish I could wave a magic wand and deliver millions of dollars in gold to support global efforts like this. The fact is, I don’t have those answers; nor, do I have millions of dollars. But, you know something that I DO have? Hope. I know, hope is not a strategy, but sometimes hope is all I’ve got.

    So, while I’m sitting here on this new blog thinking about hope, I hope that you will stay with me while I launch this new endeavor. And I hope it helps fulfil some of your own needs! See you again soon.