The Products

Vaporfi is a trusted name in the vaping industry, manufacturing and selling a range of top quality electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids on its own website and in vape stores around the world. The company has a reputation for innovation in its products, but also in creating reliable devices that give users total control over their vaping experience, whether they are beginners or experienced enough to be building and customizing their own vape pens and mods.

Easy to Use Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and vape pens are the most popular devices among those who are new to vaping, but they are also widely used by experienced vapers, thanks to their portability and flexibility. If you are new to vaping, your best option might be to buy one of the excellent Vaporfi starter kits which contain everything you need to get started.

The Vaporfi Pro 3 is a great first device for vapers; it is easy to use, easy to refill, thanks to its top fill design, and mimics the mouth to lung inhalation which cigarette smokers are most familiar with. This vape pen has a substantial 2.5-ml tank for e-liquids which is more than enough to keep you supplied all day and a 1000mAh battery to provide adequate power for the production of a smooth vapor. The Vaporfi Pro 3 starter kit comes with a pre-installed and a spare 2.0-ohm atomizer which creates the vapor, as well as a USB cable for keeping your device fully charged. This is a reliable yet fun vape pen which comes in a variety of bright colors; eye-catching enough for vapers who want to be seen, yet small enough to be used discreetly if required.

Vape Mod Starter Kits

Vaporfi stocks a range of its own brand vape mods, with starter kits sold alongside gift packs for the intermediate and advanced vaper. Starter kits for popular models like the Vaporfi VEX and the Vaporfi VAIO are sold with both the mod and a compatible tank included, plenty of spare atomizers to keep you vaping for longer, and even a sample bottle of your choice of e-liquid — the perfect opportunity to experiment with some new flavors.

The Vaporfi VAIO has a large 3.5-ml capacity e-liquid tank, a powerful 2500mAh battery and temperature control ranging from 200°F to 600°F. The Vaporfi VEX, meanwhile, is available in both 75-watt and 150-watt models; both have the same large 4-ml tanks, yet remain small enough to be easily portable and very comfortable to use.

The gift bundles for intermediate and experienced vapers include cutting edge Vaporfi vape mods with more power and the capacity to produce bigger clouds than the starter kits, along with popular e-liquid flavors and a selection of spare parts and accessories. A perfect gift for the keen vaper in your life.

Save Money on E-liquids and Devices

Vaporfi also sells a wide range of e-liquids in flavors to suit all tastes, compatible with all their devices from simple vape pens to customized mods. They sell a range of tobacco flavors as well as menthol options for those smokers who have just quit cigarettes and are still missing the taste, while those with a sweet tooth may prefer some of the more imaginative flavor options including apple pie, milk, and cookies, pumpkin spice latte, or strawberries and cream. If you want to experiment with a few different flavors, you could buy the Vaporfi sample pack — three 10-ml bottles for just $25. You can even create your own e-liquid flavor on the Vaporfi website by blending together existing flavors that you think will combine well to create your own custom taste sensation.

If you want to splash out on a new device or bulk-buy your favorite e-liquid, Vaporfi offers increasing reductions depending on how much you spend. The website also has regular special offers and their starter kits and gift bundles are a great value compared to buying all the items separately. There are always Vaporfi coupons or online promo codes on vaping websites too, which can help to cut the cost of any purchases you decide to make.

Whether you are investing in a new vaping device or experimenting with their excellent and imaginative range of e-liquids, you can rest assured that anything you buy from Vaporfi will be of the highest quality, yet their products are always sold at reasonable prices.