Top Quality

Direct Vapor is one of the best places to start shopping around if you are in the market for a new electronic cigarette or vaporizer. Thanks to their wholesale agreements with most of the major manufacturers of vaping products and accessories, you can be sure when you browse the Direct Vapor website that a great selection of available products is in store for you — often at the best price. Add a coupon for Direct Vapor or an online promo code into the mix and you can make great savings on some of the top brand names in vaping.

Since its creation, Direct Vapor has been just as focused on customer service as it is on ensuring customers get to choose from one of the widest selections of vaporizers on the web. You pay no shipping costs with Direct Vapor regardless of how small or how large your order is, and they offer a 60-day warranty in the event there are any unexpected problems with your devices and a 15-day return policy should you change your mind.

So confident is Direct Vapor about its prices that the company even offers customers a Low Price Guarantee: find the same product for a lower price anywhere else, and Direct Vapor will either match that price or refund you the difference.

Getting Started at Direct Vapor

Those who are new to vaping are often advised to choose one of the many starter kits that are available from different electronic cigarette and vaporizer brands, and there is no shortage of these kits on sale at Direct Vapor. The advantage of these starter kits is that they have all the pieces of equipment you need to get started and they are often cheaper than buying all the different items individually. Some of the most popular starter kits at Direct Vapor include the Eleaf iJust S Starter Kit, the Kanger Pangu Sub Ohm Starter Kit, and the Tesla Stealth 40 Starter Kit.

Eleaf iJust S Starter Kit

Eleaf is a quality name in vaping circles, and the Eleaf iJust S Starter Kit is no exception. This is an impressive and reliable piece of kit, considering it is aimed at vaping beginners. This is a vape pen, so it looks and feels like an ordinary cigarette, yet unlike a lot of vape pens, this model is packing some serious power — a huge 3000mAh battery, larger than is fitted in a lot of bigger and supposedly more advanced devices.

Kanger Pangu Sub Ohm Starter Kit

Kanger is a name that is instantly recognizable to vapers as one of the coolest brands in the industry, and though it is a device aimed at beginners the Kanger Pangu Sub Ohm still has plenty of features to make you the envy of your vaping friends. With a 2500mAh battery and an e-liquid tank with a capacity of 3.5 ml, this sleek and stylish vape pen has all the tools needed to allow you to enjoy smooth, strong vapor all day long. Available in white, black, or stainless steel finish, this is a vape pen which both looks good and works well.

Tesla Stealth 40 Starter Kit

The Tesla Stealth 40 is a more advanced type of device than the other two vape pens and is, therefore, a little more expensive. This particular device is a vape mod, a vaporizer that comes in two parts — a battery and an atomizer where the vapor is created — to allow for more power, more temperature and power control, and even different ways of vaping. Some mods can be difficult to get used to, but this is squarely aimed at those who are new to vaping and it keeps the bells and whistles to a minimum instead, offering a classy yet functional piece of equipment that will create a powerful vapor.

Save on Your Starter Kit at Direct Vapor

Starter kits are, in themselves, a great way to save money on your first vaporizer or on a new device if you are looking to upgrade. However, add that to the Low Price Guarantee from Direct Vapor and you are assured of finding the best deal possible. Check out your favorite vaping websites to see if any of them has a coupon that could boost your savings even further. This is the perfect place to shop around for quality, reliable electronic cigarettes and vaporizers at bargain basement prices.